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Still working on this…..

April 12, 2012

On and off over the past couple of months, I have still been adding different features to the iPad synth.  Most of what I have been doing is to try and get the interface to look right, with turn-able knobs and with some on/off indicators and the like.

Overall, this project has been, and will demand, a lot more work than what I though it would require.  Here is a kind of task list, if you will:

1.  Finish the current graphical interfaces, with controls implemented 10-20 hours

2.  Finish Implementing all oscillators, modulators, and filters:  20-40 hours

3.  Finish up recording / playback function and graphical interface (including output graph):  20-40 hours

4   Finish up the “drawing” part of the waveform creation, including cleaning up the sound quality:  30-50 hours

5.  Finish up the graphical interface of the “drawing” waveform:  20-40 hours

6.  Add iCloud storage capability:  20-40 hours

7.  Add Bluetooth MIDI capability 40-60 hours

8.  Add hard-wired MIDI capability (if possible)  40-60 hours

9.  Any in-app purchases I can think of……40-60 hours

9.  Optimize:  40-60 hours

10.  Submit to Apple App Store:  40-80 hours (accounts for edits and all)

11-13 weeks of work…..I think.

Here is a screenshot of what this thing looks like at the moment:  The last bay (empty) will be a recording control interface, with the eventual output graph for the recording displaying as a pop-up.  The drawing waveform interface will show up on top of everything as a pop-up.



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